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The Homecoming Queen Gets Her Man

Welcome Home, Meri Prescott!

Roll out the red carpet—Meri's back in town! But how could the jean-clad beauty fishing for crawdads be Stone Gap's every-blond-hair-in-place princess? It seems the former Miss North Carolina has had it with pageants and perfection. Meri's home to care for her ailing grandpa and realize her dream of becoming a photographer. If she could just ignore her treacherous heart when she gets her first gander at her gorgeous, all-grown-up first love… 

Meri was sweet fifteen when Jack Barlow gave her her first kiss—only to break up with her a year later and ship out to war. The soldier who comes home has changed, just like Meri. Doesn't Jack know two can heal better than one? That it's what is inside that counts? And Meri's got so much to give to that special Barlow man.


A Romantic Times Magazine "Top Pick", 4 1/2 Stars!!!

 "Photographer Meri Prescott returns to Stone Gap to care for her ailing grandfather and to heal physically and emotionally from a mugging. What she doesn’t count on is her first love reminding her of what might have been. Jack Barlow came home from war a broken man. When his lost love moves home, she awakens something he thought he’d never feel again: hope. Jump’s poignant page turner with a Southern-fried setting and a hint of Steel Magnolias is picture perfect. Her characters go through the realistic struggles of vets and victims." - Debbie Haupt

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New Book in the Sweetheart Sisters Series Available Now

                USA Today Recommended Read!       

from award winning author Shirley Jump

The Sweetheart Secret

The Sweetheart Sisters are ready for some good ol' matchmaking...

Colton Harper, Rescue Bay’s resident physician, gave up his wild ways years ago, in exchange for a straight and narrow life. But then a one-night stand comes back to haunt him when the intoxicating woman he left behind shows up in Rescue Bay. 

Once upon a time, fiery Daisy Barton was Colt’s wife—and still is, thanks to a paperwork glitch. Now she’s here in Rescue Bay, with a once-in-a-lifetime chance at a fresh start—renovating a crumbling B&B. The catch? The loan she needs requires her “husband’s” financial backing. 

Colt wants to turn Daisy away, but when he sees her coax a smile from his cantankerous grandfather, Colt realizes maybe she can help him, too. It’s the perfect arrangement—until the sparks start flying. Suddenly Colt realizes he’s still head over heels in love with Daisy, and that he’ll have to risk everything…or risk losing her forever.


A Night Owl Romance"Top Pick"

 "I knew instantly that when I started reading the first page of this novel I was going to be hooked. Shirley Jump just has something special about the way that she tells a story, it's magical." - Night Owl Romance

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The Sweetheart RulesThe Sweetheart Rules 

The Sweetheart Sisters are ready to give some old-school lessons in love… 

Rescue Bay veterinarian Diana Tuttle is a great single mom, but she has a harder time taking care of herself. Having been burned in the past by her son’s noncommittal father, the last thing she wants is a man who isn’t in it for the long haul—until a foolish one-night stand from her past walks back into her life. 

Coast Guard Lieutenant Mike Stark has never wanted to settle down. But when his ex-wife leaves their two small children on his doorstep, he is forced to become a family man in a hurry. His return to Rescue Bay, Florida and fatherhood isn’t easy, but reconnecting with Diana makes the challenge all the more worthwhile. Except becoming the long-term lover she has in mind may be one commitment too many… 

Luckily, when Diana’s and Mike’s pasts begin to threaten their future, the Sweetheart Sisters have the perfect scheme to make this second chance last a lifetime.

A USA Today "Must Read"                  

"The Sweetheart Rules is a superbly-written celebration of love, and includes plenty of surprises, both sad and sweet, shared by a community of characters that will charm your socks off." - USA Today 



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The Sweetheart Bargain

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks—unless you’re a Sweetheart  Sister…

The Sweetheart Sisters, a trio of sassy, well-meaning grannies (who aren’t  against a sip of bourbon with breakfast) are ready to dispense advice and help  create happy endings with a little of what they do best—meddling.
Animal therapist Olivia Linscott is the Sweetheart Sisters’ first target.  Running from a bad marriage and a lousy job, Olivia is determined to save the  dog shelter she inherited from the mother she never knew and, above all, to  protect her broken heart. 

The Sisters want to tie the spirited young do-gooder  to wounded helicopter pilot Luke Winslow, but the intended pair keeps slipping  the leash.

Luke’s dreams were shattered by a career-ending eye injury. Adrift and bitter,  the last thing he wants is romantic involvement. But when a golden retriever in  worse shape than he is scratches on the door, the dog brings in a whole lot more  than puppy love…

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“This is real romance.”
New York Times Bestselling Author
Jayne Ann Krentz 

"A fun, heartwarming small town romance that you'll fall in love with…."
New York Times
bestselling author Jill Shalvis

"Shirley Jump packs lots of sweet and plenty of heat in this heartwarming first book of her
promising new series."
Virginia Kantra, New York Times bestselling author of Carolina Girl

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Fools Rush In - A FREE Novella from Shirley Jump

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Look for Shirley’s Sweet and Savory Romance series, a reader favorite! Recipes, combined with sassy romances, all set in the bustling city of Boston. Available on Nook and Kindle. The Bride Wore Chocolate is a USA Today Bestseller and Amazon Top 20 Bestseller.



The Bride Wore Chocolate
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The Devil Served Desire
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The Angel Tasted Temptation
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The Groom Wanted Seconds
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Prequel Novella
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The Beauty Charmed Santa Four Savory Romances in One
The Beauty Charmed Santa, The Bride Wore Chocolate, The Devil Served Desire, The Angel Tasted Temptation
 The Millionaire Tempted Fate  
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