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Did you always wonder where the ideas came from for my books? Then this is the section for you! Here’s where I’ll share where I got my ideas, how I shaped the characters, and how the books came together, as well as little tidbits from “behind the scenes” of writing my books.

I love both kinds of books I write the category romances, those short, fast reads that are wonderful for a quick fix, as well as a story that has a narrowed focus, like a picture that frames only two people. And I love the broader scope of a single title novel, the wider frame allowed when I write. They’re like inviting in my whole neighborhood for a party.In both kinds of books I have the people I love, especially those quirky secondary characters. The weird guy next door who has some odd habits that might not be so great in polite company but provides comic relief, and people who remind me of my Aunt Teri, who could cook like nobody’s business, and left us all five pounds heavier in three hours.

That’s the fun of books. And hopefully, that’s what you’ll find on this brand-new section of my site. Explore, read and then come on back…you never know what treasures might be found in these pages!

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