Kissed by Cat

Kissed by Cat
eBook: $3.99
Series: Mercy Indiana Series, Book 5
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Jumpstart Creative
Publication Year: October 2021
ISBN: 9798482567999

y day a woman…by night a cat… and only by being loved as both will the spell be broken…

Catherine Wyndam has spent two hundred years under the curse of a vindictive witch. Now, in her last week before the spell is permanent, she wants nothing more than to experience the kind of life she always wanted: a white picket fence, a cozy home, and a few creature comforts. Her plans are thwarted, however, when veterinarian Garrett McAllister plucks her off the nighttime streets and takes her to his animal shelter.

Garrett McAllister is much better with animals than humans, and his vet practice and fledgling shelter mean everything to him. Until the cat he rescues disappears, seemingly replaced by a beautiful woman with an uncanny knack for calming his furry clients. He hires her as an assistant, but before long it’s clear that their connection is deep and true. She’s the woman he’s always been waiting for.

But Catherine watches the hours tick by and knows her time is limited. Can she possibly tell Garrett the truth in time to break the spell?

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About the Book

“For the past two hundred years, Catherine Wyndham has lived a double life. During the day she is a beautiful blonde-haired woman, and when the sun goes down, Catherine turns into a sleek, purring cat. Now, she only has a few days left to break the curse an evil witch put on her. A man must love her in both her human and feline forms. But, after two centuries, Catherine has little hope of that. Right now, all she wants is to rescue a trio of kittens that she spotted recently. Catherine is almost to the spot where she last saw the kittens when a handsome veterinarian scoops her up.

“Garrett McAllister can’t resist helping stray animals. He takes the cat back to his office, cuddles her, and places her in a cage until he can find a home for her. Garrett feels some kind of connection to this stray with the beautiful gray-green eyes. But, he can’t take any more animals home, because he already has three. When Garrett arrives back at the office in the morning before sunrise, he notices his new stray is very anxious to get out. When he opens the cage, she runs past him.

“Catherine only has a few minutes before her furry body changes back into human form. When Garrett walks into the outer office he finds a naked woman wearing his lab coat instead of the cat. Catherine makes up some crazy story about being there for a job, and Garret doesn’t believe her, but he agrees to let her assist him with one patient. He can’t seem to resist the beautiful woman with the familiar eyes. But, what secrets is she hiding?
“Garrett harbors his own secrets and scars, both emotional and physical. He is distant and abrupt towards most people, but Catherine makes him want to learn to love and live again. Catherine has lived a long and troubled life, but she is still a wonderful and generous woman. She works for Garrett during the day, but there are several times when she has to leave him quickly before the change occurs. As they get to know each other, the attraction quickly grows. Could the handsome vet ever believe Catherine’s story and learn to love both parts of her? Or, is she doomed to turn into a cat permanently in just a few short days?

“KISSED BY CAT is a spectacular adventure filled with magic and romance that will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy. It took me just a few short hours to finish this brilliantly written love story, but I hated to see it come to an end. Shirley Jump has this awesome ability to create a world that will immediately draw you in and make you never want to leave. I fell in love with both of these characters who have been dealt horrendous tragedies, yet they still had such love and kindness in their hearts. It was a breathtaking romance, and I would recommend it to any romance lover. Shirley Jump is definitely at the top of my list for favorite authors, and I definitely suggest sampling her talent in KISSED BY CAT. After you finish, you just might be adding her to your own favorite list!” — BJ Deese, Romance Junkies

“Catherine Wyndham is running for her four paws life. She has used up eight of her nine lives. It seems as if a Great Dane is after her, but she does escape. Over two hundred years ago Catherine helped a beautiful black cat. Unbeknownst to her, a witch Hezabeth owned it. Hezabeth put a curse on her. For the next two hundred years you will be a beautiful woman during the day but a cat at night. Her only chance to not stay a cat is to find true love but no only as a human but as a cat.

“Garrett McAllister is a local vet and animal shelter keeper. Garrett has scars and does not get along with others well. Garrett scars are not only inside but also on the outside. His love for animals is very strong and he would like to help them all.

“When Garrett finds Catherine he wants to help her, find her a home that can give her the love all animals need. After putting her in a cage Catherine is very concerned about getting out for she shall switch back to a human at sunrise. She is so lucky that Garrett returns before sunrise. When he opens her cage she escapes but cannot get far at all. When he locates her she is a beautiful woman wearing his lab coat. Her explanation on how or why she is in his clinic is questionable but not one that Garrett follows up on. Knowing that Garrett needs an assistant Catherine says she will do the job for one day, free. If it does not work out she is out of there.

“Garrett and Catherine are attracted to each other. Garrett makes the first move but Catherine keeps pulling back! Will Garrett be able to love her not only as a woman but also as a cat? What will it take to bring these two together?

“Kissed by Cat is a keeper for me. I read this book in less than two hours. I was unable to set it aside. Shirley Jump once again has written a touching love story.” — Theresa, A Romance Review

“Catherine Wyndham was a young girl when she released Hezabeth’s black cat from his cage. Hezabeth was a powerful witch who was very angry with Catherine. Hezabeth decided since Catherine loved animals so much she could spend her life as a woman by day and a cat by night. Only the true love of a man who could love Catherine as both a cat and a woman could break the spell. Catherine had been living her life this way for the last two hundred years. She had only six days left until she would be a cat forever.

“Catherine raced through the night trying to get away from the Great Dane that was trying to get her. A few fences and she was home free. As she recovered her breath she picked up the scent of the kittens again. If she hurried she would catch up with them before daylight. Cat scented danger but she was too focused on the kittens that she was caught in strong hands before she could get away. The man put her in a cage, and drove her to a dark building. She hissed as he placed her into a larger cage. She had to get away before daylight, when she would once again become a woman.

“Veterinarian Garrett McAllister had rescued a lot of animals. He returned to his clinic the next morning in the dark to check on the small cat that he had rescued the night before. When he opened the door the cat escaped and fled out the door into his offices. He was looking for the cat when in his office he finds a beautiful woman wearing only his white office coat. Who was she and where did she come from? Catherine needs to get Garrett to take her back to the alley where he had caught her so she can find the kittens before it is too late. Garrett was a loner and he kept everyone at arm’s length, so why did this woman make him start to look to the future.
“Shirley Jump has written a story that will have you laughing and crying as Catherine changes from a cat to a woman and back again. I could almost see Cat make the moves as Ms Jump wrote the cat’s actions. This was a story that you could settle back and enjoy. Pick up a copy of Kissed By Cat and follow Catherine and Garrett’s race against the clock to find true love.” — Helen Slifer, Writers Unlimited Reviewer

“Kissed by Cat by Shirley Jump is a delightful mix of passion, humor and poignancy. The reader is sure to delight in this tale of curses and love.

“Catherine Wyndham lives life on the edge. Having been cursed 200 years ago, she is a cat by night and a lady by day. Her curse is about to end though. She must find someone to fall in love with both parts of her or she will remain a cat forever. Feeling she will never find that man, she devotes her life to saving strays. While on the track of some kittens, she is captured by Garrett MacAllister, a veterinarian. He brings her home to his office where he will try to find her a home. The next day the cat is frantic to get out and when he opens the cage she escapes. Garrett cannot find her but he does find a lovely woman dressed only in his lab coat. What follows is absolutely captivating as they try to discover each other and fall in love.

“Kissed by Cat was a lot of fun to read. The dialog was very humorous as Caterine and Garrett tried to sidestep each other’s questions. Neither one wanted to reveal their secrets, but they each knew they existed. There were some very serious moments as we find out why Garrett had so many scars, both emotional and physical. Kudos to Ms. Jump for writing such an enjoyable novel.

“A lot of fun to read…Kudos to Ms. Jump for writing such an enjoyable novel. 4 1/2 stars.” — Romance Reviews

“Catherine Wyndham is a cursed woman literally by Hezabeth. If she doesn’t get a man to fall in love with her and soon she will forever be….a black cat. Cathryn turns into a black cat at sundown and changes back at dawn.

“Catherine loves to rescue stray animals during the day and has to run from dogs at nightyep sounds like modern dating to me.

“Anyway, Garret, the sexy but a bit lost, veterinarian thinks he is rescuing Cathryn when he picks her up as a stray and puts her into a cage but Cathryn soon realizes it is Garret who needs to be rescued.
“Garret doesn’t find the stray black cat in the morning, instead he finds a beautiful blond-very naked woman wearing his lab coat.

“One of my most favorite parts of the book was on page 70. It is the clunk, hand on the forehead, I am totally lost moment when Garrett knows he has fallen into the ibis of love.

“‘Catherine turned her gray-green gaze upon him. Every coherent thought he’d ever had slid out of his brain. So much for his vow to steer clear. He’d just made an illegal U-turn.’

“This is a ‘who rescues who’ tale pun intended and it is fantastic. It is definitely a keeper.” — The Romance Zone


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