The Sweetheart Rules

The Sweetheart Rules
Series: Sweetheart Sisters series, Book 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Berkley
Publication Year: April 1, 2014

The Sweetheart Sisters are ready to give some old-school lessons in love…

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About the Book

“Jump’s second Sweetheart Sisters contemporary (after The Sweetheart Bargain) brings together two flawed yet appealing single parents searching for love. Veterinarian Diana Tuttle, who’s raising a 15-year-old son, seems, on the surface, to have it all together. But when her ex-lover Mike Stark, a Coast Guard lieutenant, returns to her sleepy Florida beach community with his two daughters in tow, her peaceful life is disrupted. Mike’s abusive stepfather made it hard for him to be comfortable with anything but strict routines, and when his flaky ex leaves eight-year-old Jenny and four-year-old Ellie with him, he doesn’t have the first idea of how to be a good father. Enter the scheming grannies of the Golden Years Retirement Home, who have one happy couple under their belts—and are aiming for another. Diana and Mike lurch toward love, slowly learning that perfection is not a prerequisite for being a parent, in this heartwarming and charming story.” — Publisher’s Weekly

“Jump’s expert storytelling shines as she delves into matters of the heart in her latest Sweetheart Sisters story. Genuine and flawed, Mike and Diana are appealing in their vulnerability, and the sisters continue to be charming, colorful characters. A solid plot, strong tension and steady pacing draws the reader into this delightful read.” –Romantic Times Book Club

“The second installment in the Sweetheart Sisters Series was fun, romantic and entertaining! This was my first time reading a Shirley Jump book and I’m extremely happy that I got the chance to discover her fantastic talent! Her writing style is captivating and it will leave you cheering for Diana and Mike’s HEA .” — A Bookish Escape

The Sweetheart Rules

Rescue Bay veterinarian Diana Tuttle is a great single mom, but she has a harder time taking care of herself. Having been burned in the past by her son’s noncommittal father, the last thing she wants is a man who isn’t in it for the long haul—until a foolish one-night stand from her past walks back into her life.

Coast Guard Lieutenant Mike Stark has never wanted to settle down. But when his ex-wife leaves their two small children on his doorstep, he is forced to become a family man in a hurry. His return to Rescue Bay, Florida and fatherhood isn’t easy, but reconnecting with Diana makes the challenge all the more worthwhile. Except becoming the long-term lover she has in mind may be one commitment too many…

Luckily, when Diana’s and Mike’s pasts begin to threaten their future, the Sweetheart Sisters have the perfect scheme to make this second chance last a lifetime.

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