The primroses were blooming. If there was one thing Bridget would remember about that spring, it was the way they bloomed, small but proud and bright, like they were determined to show their happy faces even as winter’s gray lingered, making one last feeble attempt to overpower April’s promised sunshine. She stood on the back … Read the rest
CHAPTER ONE Secrets were the hardest thing to keep on an island, especially one the size of Fortune’s Island. Jillian Matheson had lived there pretty much all her life, growing up among the small population that stubbornly hung on through the brutal Cape Cod Bay winters. She’d gone to a school that was run out … Read the rest
The last thing Colton Barlow expected while visiting Stone Gap, North Carolina, was for opportunity to come knocking. He wasn’t a man given to living by the seat of his pants, and in fact, most everyone who knew him would say Colton was deliberate. A planner. A man who set a course and mapped his … Read the rest
Hunter should have gone to bed an hour ago. But the words he’d exchanged with Johnny Ray still churned in his gut, and every time he thought about quitting for the day, his mind would replay the tape of their conversation. So he worked hard, stacking hay bales that didn’t need stacking, scrubbing down tack … Read the rest
The last floorboard went in just as the sun began to disappear behind the trees on the western side of the property. Savannah turned on the porch lights, then headed inside and returned a moment later with two beers. She handed one to Mac, then the two of them sat on the top step and … Read the rest
Chapter One Darcy Williams had come barreling into the world two weeks early, all lungs and legs and attitude, as her mother had often told everyone from the mailman to the checkout clerk. Darcy had been headstrong and stubborn, the kind of girl who spent more time in the principal’s office than in a classroom. … Read the rest
Author’s Note: This is the final story in the Mercy, Indiana series. Thanks to all my readers who found and loved each and every one of these stories. I love all of them and will miss the town and the Dole men very much! Chapter One The pig refused to cooperate, creating a problem bigger … Read the rest
Chapter One Mattie Grant was prepared for anything. Mosquitoes the size of hummingbirds. Fires with all the durability of tissues, drinking water with enough germs to contaminate a small rodent colony. She could handle all of it. And win. She had, after all, trained for competing on Survival of the Fittest like she was undertaking … Read the rest
Garrett flicked the switch for the overhead light in his office, bending over as he did so he wouldn’t miss the cat zipping by. His gaze swept the space in front of him, to the left, then the right. Beige carpet, the leg of a cherry desk, several crumbs from yesterday’s cookies baked as a … Read the rest
Chapter One There it was. Smooth, pink, and gorgeous as hell. Well, gorgeous to him. Everyone else in the world would probably look at the object of Brad Smith’s desire and lose their lunch. Or worse, consider it lunch. In some parts of the world, she’d be considered a delicacy. Brad was inches away from … Read the rest

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