The Legacy

The Legacy
Series: Books Part of Other Series, Book 0
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Harlequin Romances
Publication Year: June 1, 2010
ASIN: B0037NB7M2

An inheritance he never wanted...

But something keeps drawing Paul Clermont back. After years of wandering, he's beginning to wonder if this is where he belongs.

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About the Book

“Shirley Jump ends this continuity series on a high note with The Legacy providing a believable conflict and characters. Nontraditional heroine Marjo is handled particularly well.” — Romantic Times Book Reviews

“The characters are not the only thing that made me love the book. The setting of the story is amazing. I could see the bayou, see the Old Opera House and feel the heat. When you can pull that out with words, you obviously are a great author, which of course describes Shirley Jump.” —

“The lead pairing is a wonderful coupling as they slowly change from enemy combatants to beloved enemies…The story line is fun to follow..[and]…THE LEGACY is a fine finish to the Louisiana mini series.” — The Best

The Legacy

An inheritance he never wanted…

Indigo’s opera house was a gift from Alexandre Valois to his wife long before the Civil War. Marjo Savoy, head of the opera house committee, is determined that the historic building will never be sold.

Paul Clermont, the current owner, has no interest in holding on to the property he’s inherited. A photojournalist who spends his life on the road, he values his freedom too much to be burdened by real estate.

But something keeps drawing him back–the quiet beauty of the bayou, the stirring music of his Acadian ancestors or maybe Marjo herself. After years of wandering, he’s beginning to wonder if this is where he belongs.

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