The Millionaire Tempted Fate

The Millionaire Tempted Fate
Series: Sweet and Savory Romance Series, Book 3.5
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: TKA Distribution
Publication Year: February 1, 2013

What if you fell in love with your best friend?

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About the Book

“Loved this novella! I love the sweet passions she brings out in her characters. It was real fun to watch Max and Angie’s relationship transform. The recipes in her books are always delish and lucious. The ending gets me every time! I love Shirley’s writing style and she really makes feel as if you are close friends. I’d recommend this whole series!” — Drea, reader at

“The Millionaire Tempted Fate” is sweet, sexy and downright fun. I found it both hilarious and heart-wrenching to watch Angie and Max struggle with their inconvenient yet undeniable mutual desire, and I couldn’t wait for Max to realize that what he wants most has always been closer than he could ever have imagined! The recipes at the beginning of each chapter will tempt and tickle you, and the story itself will thoroughly charm you.” — Kathy L. Altman, Reader on

“I LOVED this novella! I’ve loved every book in the sweet and savory series by Shirley Jump since the very beginning, and this one did not disappoint. The characters are likeable, there’s believable sizzling tension between them and the recipes (and instructions that accompany them) are a hoot!” — Spencer’s Mom, reader

“Wonderfully written love story that kept you fully engaged in their story and had you rooting for them to get on the same page and stay together. I would definitely read this story again and will recommend it to my friends.” — Brenda Franks, Review

The Millionaire Tempted Fate

What if you fell in love with your best friend?

When Angie Wilson realizes her best friend Max is planning on proposing to Miss Wrong on Valentine’s Day, Angie sets out to win his heart in ten days. From showing him her sexy side to a disastrous attempt at cooking dinner, her plan goes awry at every turn. One night, too much rum, and a hot time in Angie’s bed has Max rethinking his logical proposal to a woman who may look good on paper, but isn’t the one who captures his heart like Angie does. But is he willing to risk losing his best friend in order to have the happy ending he secretly craves?

Special bonus material: Recipes written by the characters inside!

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