From Chapter Three Anita. Standing on his front porch, looking wet and tired and more beautiful than anything he’d seen in a long time. Luke gulped and, for a minute, forgot where he was. His gaze traveled over her heart-shaped face, past the delicate earlobes, down the long elegant curve of her neck, over the … Read the rest
“I wouldn’t mind being stuck inside an RV with a beauty like you,” said a deep voice Claire recognized. Mark Dole, brother to Nate, Jack, Luke and Katie. A man Claire knew too well. The Doles had been neighbors of Claire’s nearly all her life. Ever since they’d been kids, Mark and Claire had fought … Read the rest
Chapter One Standing on a street corner in a banana suit was not the most humiliating thing to happen in Katie’s life, but it came in at a close second. Dressed from head to toe in yellow felt, she barely remembered what the word dignity meant. She’d checked hers the minute Sarah had talked her … Read the rest
Now that you have completed all your research, it’s time to write the article. In the beginning, you may struggle for hours over every word, trying to get the piece perfect. This is normal and part of the learning process. Your best bet is to go back to your outline, fit your research in, and … Read the rest
Chapter One “Sold!” The auctioneer’s gavel came down with a final slam, and Boston’s 28th most eligible bachelor walked off the stage of the Worth Hotel ballroom—and straight into the open arms of his new female owner. Her prize was one Jerold Klein, a forty-year-old rare bird dealer with a hooked nose and graying head … Read the rest
Chapter One The last person I expected to see at my husband’s funeral was his wife. Yet, there she stood, to the right of his casket, wiping away her tears with a lacy white handkerchief, a fancy one with a tatted edge and an embroidered monogram, the kind your grandmother hands down to you because … Read the rest
Chapter One The next time he ran away from his life, Noah McCarty vowed to make a better plan—or at least give it more forethought than a six-year-old staging a walkout over the lima beans. Normally, he wasn’t a man given to impetuous acts. Anyone who knew him would agree—spontaneity definitely wasn’t his strong suit. … Read the rest
Chapter One Madison Worth knew she was in trouble the minute the manure hit her Prada heels. Actually, the trouble had started months ago, during the Fall Collection Show in New York. One little incident with a chocolate cake and Kate Moss, and all of a sudden, Madison had been labeled as difficult. Temperamental. And … Read the rest
Chapter One Natalie Harris knew exactly what Santa could bring her this year. Jake Lyons. Wrapped with a red bow— And nothing else. No need for a stocking or hell, so much as a piece of tissue paper. Boxers—or briefs—all completely optional. If she woke up December 25th and found Jake beside the tiny tabletop … Read the rest
Marjo lingered a moment longer, feeling like she should say something else. A crazy thought. All she wanted to do was put as much distance between herself and Paul Clermont as possible. Dinner last night with him had actually been fun, when they weren’t sparring like Tyson and Holyfield. Maybe it was just him fighting … Read the rest

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