Chapter One Carter Matthews had just tipped the glass into his mouth when someone started banging at his door. Nosy Mrs. Beedleman and her binoculars, he was sure, had seen him and Cemetery Kitty through her courtyard window. And, as Mrs. Beedleman was wont to do, had assumed the worst about him and called the … Read the rest
If her hands hadn’t been covered in double chocolate chip cookie dough, Melanie Weaver would have slapped duct tape over her mouth to stop herself from doing it again. Saying yes when she really meant no. Even when she had the best intentions of refusing, that slithery yes word slipped out instead. “Do you want … Read the rest
A half hour later, Sarah was overdosing on chocolate cake at Cassidy’s house, and C.J. was pulling up in front of Jessica’s house, after driving her back home. In the end, they’d opted to take his truck, a good thing because a mild winter storm started up as soon as they left the house. Already, … Read the rest
“What are you doing here?” Carolyn asked. Her heartbeat doubled with the shock of seeing him. She saw the same surprise reflected in the widening of his eyes, the way he seemed rooted to the spot. Nick Gilbert, the last man she expected to run into in the toy aisle. Nick. Her… Husband? The thought … Read the rest
Jared’s breath caught, held. The pencil in his hands dropped to the floor, rolled across the hardwood surface. Sheryl Crow sang about a broken heart on the jukebox, Sam said something about the quality of the coffee, and the tequila toting couple went on fighting, but Jared didn’t pay attention. He pushed his glasses up … Read the rest
“Hey! What’d that sign ever do to you?” One rock had already flown forward, dinging the corner, leaving a permanent mark in the painted ivy border that danced around the edge. Allie Dean jerked around, ready with her last piece of stone ammunition, half thinking of throwing it at the person who had interrupted her. … Read the rest
Chapter One Mack Douglas wondered some days if Alexandra Kenner even knew he was a man. She had never looked at Mack the way other women did. Virtually every woman Mack had ever known noticed he was made up of testosterone. Some flirted, some just smiled. Others made their interest quite clear by a shifting … Read the rest
Chapter One Flynn MacGregor hated Riverbend, Indiana from the second his car stalled at the single stop light in the quaint town center, right beneath the gaily decorated Christmas swags of pine needles and red bows. The entire snow-dusted town, from its brightly lit little shops to its friendly, waving residents all seemed like something … Read the rest
“Don’t you miss Whistle Creek?” Reed asked. “Miss not being able to get a pizza at two in the morning? Miss being cut off from civilization for two days when there’s a blizzard? Miss having my mail misdelivered because Jamison is in the sauce again?” Marietta shook her head. “Not at all.” “Jamison’s retiring this … Read the rest
Chapter One The murderer crept silently into the bedroom, his footsteps muffled by the hearty drumbeat of a summer thunderstorm. He raised the knife, pausing only long enough to delight in the quick flash of lightning that illuminated his victim’s terrified face, before “Dalton, I need your help!” Dalton Scott let out a curse. Then … Read the rest

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