Soft, jazzy Christmas music flowing from the gallery’s sound system provided companion noise for Mariabella as she got back to work. She settled onto a chair behind the counter, content to be alone, surrounded by the art she loved. All her life, she’d craved this kind of shop, this exact kind of cozy gallery. There … Read the rest
From Chapter One: Two pink lines. Molly Hunter stared for a good thirty seconds at the long white stick blaring its message like a beacon atop her peach tile bathroom counter. Put it down, picked it up, stared at the double pink message some more. It couldn’t be. Had to be…impossible. Nausea sent her stomach … Read the rest
Carrie started to drive toward her lake house, then saw a sign for the Winter Haven Library. Soft golden light still glowed in the small brick building’s windows and drew her like a beacon. How long had it been since she’d been able to sit down and read an entire book from start to finish? … Read the rest
Chapter 1 He was a fool. Jeremy Hamilton realized that fact about five minutes after Rebecca Wilson walked away from him. Still, he’d let her go, figuring that was the best choice all around. They’d been dating for over a year, while he tried to juggle college and work and a life. It had been … Read the rest
First, a note from the Author: Apparently Elona has a little trouble communicating with the great beyond (and I had a bit of trouble getting the message myself) because Brigitte Bardot is, indeed, very much alive and campaigning for animal rights (see the hair salon scene in ANGEL). Apparently when researching the perfect hair goddess … Read the rest
Without her coat on, Dante had an unblocked view of Maria’s shapely legs beneath a straight black skirt and a curvy chest pushing at her T-shirt. Her breasts jutted out seductively, like they were introducing themselves to his gaze. Hello, he thought. Very pleased to meet you both. “There were a bunch of cabs outside … Read the rest
Maria’s Favorite Hangover Remedy 1 banana, chopped 1/2 container chocolate syrup 3 ounces milk 3 ounces rum 2 Tylenol, crushed Dim the lights and for god’s sake, don’t open the blinds. Muffle the blender motor with a towel, then blend all ingredients until as frothy as a virgin’s prom gown. Don’t bother with a glass; … Read the rest
Chapter One Olivia Linscott made the most insane decision of her life in less time than it took to microwave a burrito. Before she could think twice, or worse, hesitate, she’d packed what remained of her belongings into her car, loaded up on gas and 5-Hour Energy drinks, then ditched her life in Massachusetts and … Read the rest
Chapter One One toddler meltdown in the center of Walmart and Lt. Mike Stark, who had battled raging winter storms in the violent, mercurial Bering Sea to pluck stranded boaters from the ocean’s grip, had to admit he was over his head. Mike stood between a display of As Seen on TV fruit dehydrators and … Read the rest
Chapter One There were days when Colt Harper swore Greta Winslow had been put on earth solely to test his commitment to the Hippocratic oath. Greta was an eighty-three-year-old firecracker—petite and wiry, but determined to sneak bourbon into her morning coffee and avoid all things green and leafy. She disproved his constant healthy living lectures … Read the rest

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